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About Us

Enterprise Steward LLC is an Enterprise Architecture Service (EAC) company providing both decision and operational support. Our Enterprise Stewards solve the challenge of guaranteeing that one of the corporation's most critical assets - its information - is used to its fullest capacity.

Our stewards are those individuals charged with the careful and responsible management of business and technology services entrusted to their care. Although we are not the owners of your business information, technology or security, we hold ourselves responsible for ensuring that the IT is aligned with the Business.

Our highly respected and experienced stewards provide business driven architecture solutions. Our stewards are like city planners , we provide:

  • The city plan- The vision and strategy for evolution of information system
  • The Zoning Plan- The guidelines for evolution of enterprise information system.
    • Identification of "Area" -level of concern, e.g. data service area, information processing area, operational area etc.
    • Identification of "District"-grouping of related activity or functions, e.g. customer orders, delivery, invoicing, procurement etc are part of Operational area.
    • Identification of "Blocks"-basic component of city plan, e.g. customer management application, order entry application.
  • The building code- The architecture principles & guidelines.
  • The building material list-The approve list of hardware and software products for compliance of standards.

  • Benefits:
    • Make sound investments in technology
    • Purchase standard products which conform with industry interoperability standards
    • Flexibility in adding new services or business segments
    • Customer/Citizen-focused solutions
    • Architecture driven Request-for-Proposals
    • Streamline processes to improve business performance
    • Better information sharing between business units, external partners and customers.

    City Planning: A Metaphor for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Steward