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We offer following two instructor led courses:

(1) Understanding Enterprise Architecture framework

Course Description

This is a 1 day executive level (Business & IT) course on TOGAF framework. The outline of the course is as follows:

  • TOGAF framework and concepts
  • Architecture Development Method (ADM) and phases
    • Defining Architecture vision and principles
    • Understanding Business Architecture
    • Understanding Information (Data & Application) Architecture
    • Understanding Technology Architecture
    • Understanding Solution Architecture
    • Developing Implementation Plan
    • Understanding Architecture Governance process
    • Monitoring and managing changes to the architecture
    • Managing requirements for architecture
  • Understanding TOGAF Technical Reference Model (TRM)
  • Understanding TOGAF Resource base

Course Objectives

  • Introduce the broad concept of TOGAF framework
  • Understand the enterprise architecture development phases
  • Understand architecture governance and change management process
  • Understand usage of architecture views, patterns and models
  • Explore the best practices for designing the enterprise architecture

Course Cost $495 per person. Please send us an Email: info@enterprisesteward.com to register for the course.

(2) Developing Enterprise Architecture

Course Description

This is a 3 day course on enterprise architecture. This course covers advanced topics in enterprise architecture. This course starts with the basic concepts of enterprise architecture, architecture framework and architecture development cycle. We will explain the concepts behind two major frameworks for enterprise architecture, Zachman and TOGAF . Students will gain an overall understanding of enterprise architecture development process, they will get chance to apply the technique learned to example scenarios during the facilitated excercises. The outline of the course is as follows:

  • Overview of enterprise architecture concepts & structure
  • Defining architecture principles, architecture vision and architecture framework
  • Understanding TOGAF and Zachman framework
  • Developing business architecture
  • Developing information architecture- data & application
  • Developing technology architecture
  • Developing solution architecture
  • Developing enterprise architecture master plan
  • Understanding architecture governance process
    • Understanding role of architecture board
    • Understanding concept of architecture contracts
  • Understanding architecture life cycle process- documentation, review, change, compliance, and communication
  • Understanding architecture design patterns, architecture maturity models, technical reference model (TRM)
  • Case study
  • Conclusion

Course Cost $1100 per person. Please send us an Email: info@enterprisesteward.com to register for the course.

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