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Bid & Tender Management

In most business, the success of technology projects is highly dependent on the quality of the procurement process. When IT procurement processes are not conducted in an organized manner, the probability of achieving the desired results diminishes greatly.

Utilizing our Star framework, we offer a simple & powerful approach to procurement of IT systems. We assist you in building the following enterprise elements into the proposal:

  • Definition of project involving all stakeholders including business & IT.
  • Definition of the relevant as-is architecture elements.
  • The current pain points and requirements which initiated the proposal.
  • Relationship of the project proposal to the strategies and goals of the business.
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with the project.
  • Flow of business information between people and business processes.
  • Definition of Business processes & functions.
  • Transparency to market opportunity, offering and products standards.
  • Incorporation of IT standards directly into the requirement.
  • Unified solution architecture consists of business, information, technology, security, strategies & people views.

These elements constitute a blueprint (as-is architecture) for the vendor community. All bidders thus have access to a relevant, precise and comprehensive understanding of the current processes and environment of the business along with the requirements. Not only can biddeds better comply with such a proposal, the quality of the bid is greatly enhanced due to the contextual framing of the proposal elements.

This standardized approach allows businesses to easily compare and cross reference the many bids in order to determine the optimum fit. Finally, the utilization of the Star framework yields tangible value in the short term by significantly reducing the costs and time of the procurement cycle. In the long term, the procured system has a far greater propability of success, as well.

Enterprise Steward